Free Running

Let me start off with some facts. Since 1972 when the modern athletic shoe was born, there has been a gradual increase in the rate of knee injuries. There is a correlation between the cost of shoes and injury rates – the higher the cost of the trainer, the higher the risk of injury!

Lets put this into perspective, Roger Bannister in 1954 didn’t wear the new nike trainers or a adidas microprocessor worth £190! He sported his pumps which were more than worn in and ran the 4 minute mile!

In 2008, a guy from the Tarahumara tribe in Mexico turned up to a 100 mile Ultra-Running race. The evening before the race, his tribe gave him a good luck party where he drank like it was New Years Eve on home made beer and tequila brewed from rattlesnake corpses. He had no protein bars, no electrolyte sports drinks, no high tech clothing – he just turned up with some barbecued mouse, sandals and a toga. He then ran the 100 miles in a record time winning the race…oh…and did I mention he was 57 years old?

In short, loose the shoes and train bare foot! By bare foot running, you strengthen up the arches in your foot and enable more weight to be dispersed through your toes. This puts less stress on your shins and activates your gluts to prevent hamstring and knee injury.

Nike have released the “Free” after realising the benefits of barefoot running, here’s the advert: